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"What to Do When Your Spouse Says
'I don't love you anymore!'"

How To Stop Your Divorce on Your Own Without Counseling

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Dear Concerned Spouse,

Are you desperately trying to avoid divorce, but don’t know what to do to avoid it?

If so, you don't have time to waste on trial and error attempts to discover what will save your marriage. You need to know what precise steps to take right now to keep your spouse from bolting out of the marriage.

Even if you’re already separated, there may still be hope to save your marriage!

Whatever you do:

1. Don't accidentally make your marriage worse, and

2. Do what it takes to improve it.

Easier said than done! The problem is, spouses don't always realize how what they're doing is hurting the marriage. And they don't know how to improve the relationship.

That’s where this book can help you.

Stop Hurting...Start Rebounding

We have written a breakthrough book for spouses who want to save their marriage. It's called Keep Your Marriage: What to Do When Your Spouse Says "I don't love you anymore!"

Keep Your Marriage book

The steps we will teach you in the book are:

  • Survive the current crisis and buy time, Eliminate behaviors that can drive your partner away,
  • Define what it is that you really want with and for your spouse,
  • Lay the groundwork with your spouse so that you can connect better, and
  • Develop skills that will help you deepen the intimacy in your marriage.

Our system has been proven to work in marriages around the world even when couples were already separated! And 30,000+ satisfied customers have benefitted from Keep Your Marriage.

Small Steps Are Your Key to Recovery...
Here's Why This Can Work for You

No matter how distant or improbable getting back a healthy marriage may seem to you, we've seen many, many cases where spouses had almost given up hope.

And yet with our help they were able to recover their marriage, with the intimacy and feelings of love that they had once had with their mate.

Because progress using small steps is believable, your progress in turning your marriage around is achievable.

We teach simple ideas. But it's the details that trip people up. And you don't have time to waste. That's where we can help.

We've seen many, many of our readers improve both their lives and their chances for saving their marriage by truly embracing our suggestions and advice. That's because:

  • By minimizing conflict and by increasing rapport building with your spouse, we teach you to attract your spouse back to you.

  • By taking the small steps we recommend toward improvement in yourself, your chances are greatly increased for changing the dynamics between you and your spouse enough to save your marriage.

  • You'll learn what not to do to keep your relationship, including any unhelpful habits that you may not be aware are hurting your marriage,

  • As you begin to stop doing what doesn't work and start doing what does, both you and your spouse can experience a dramatically positive change in your relationship.

After you’ve followed our instructions in saving and stabilizing your marriage, you’re ready to take your marriage up to the next level.

Do what really works and take action IMMEDIATELY to develop deeper emotional ties with your spouse. Get concrete ideas, valuable insights, and specific suggestions you can use now.