The following emails to us are a small selection of the testimonials that grateful subscribers, customers and clients have written over the years.

Out of respect for their privacy , we maintain strict confidentiality on their identities.


“I Discovered the Affair”

“When I first discovered the affair (another Facebook casualty), I went on line and started to read. Your information was by far the most helpful… We are taking one day at a time. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but I am confident that we can make our marriage stronger and better than ever. Again, my heartfelt thanks.”

Lost Love

“I have helped five other couples find the love they thought they lost, and they are all doing well. The first thing I tell them, is I have some books by an awesome lady by the name of Dr. Nancy Wasson. I tell them about your web site, and let you take it from there. Although I have never talked to you or met you, I feel as if I know you so well. I am so thankful for you coming into my life. There is no way I can ever thank you enough. I can go on and on, but I think you get the picture. I thank you with all my heart Nancy!!!”

“We Have a Great Marriage Again”

“Your ebook “keep your marriage” as well as your news letters and relationship advice tips have been paramount to the person I’ve become. I’m happy to tell you that there is much fruit. I and my husband now have a great marriage again. 99 per cent of the time I feel great also – just the odd pang when I could shed a tear for all the heartache – but then I snap out of it as it is completely unconstructive. I shall always read your advice (I dont hide the fact from my husband as it shows I have nothing to hide and he then knows I consider our marriage the most important thing in my life) as it constantly reminds me of the hard work which any partner should put in. Many thanks….”

Husband Walks Out

“Dear Nancy I got your book in January – Keep Your Marriage. Things were pretty bad, I was sad and despairing. My husband had walked out at the end of January. My Psychologist seemed to think it was all over, and best to let him go. We are back together again, and making good progress. This is the happiest I have been in 10 months. …We know we have to work on the marriage – a good marriage does not just happen.”

“I’m In Your Debt”

“Thank you, Nancy. If it wasn’t for your book i just don’t know what i may have done. But i have connected with my inner self and i have been keeping the water steady in the middle of a storm. Thank you will not be enough to suffice for the help that i had from you. I am in your debt.”

Wife Wanted Divorce

“Nancy, It’s been a long time since I wrote and ordered your e-book, “keep your marriage” but I just wanted to say thank you for the book. After I read the book shortly after receiving it I wrote you to thank you and told you I would let you know how it all turned out. Well…that was over a year ago now, I had a HUGE struggle for at least 8 months of last year, my wife had left, was having an affair the whole time and had told me multiple times that she wanted a divorce. There are obviously lots of things that play into everyone’s situation but I have to say that the “rules” you stated in your book of what not to do in this situation did WONDERS for me!!! I printed them out, placed them on the wall in front of my desk and read them every day…she actually came back home last October and we have been slowly mending things ever since. I would like to say that God had a HUGE part of this in both of our hearts also but I can promise you that if it weren’t for your book I would have made MANY MORE mistakes than I made before I read it. PLEASE continue to do what you do and thank you from the bottom of my heart…our hearts!!!”

“I Am a Testimony to Your Practice”

“…At this point I want to extend my thanks to you. I ordered “keep your marriage” shortly after my former wife suddenly and without communication or warning left me, our children and church. The twelve months or so following that event were extremely difficult for me but as hard as it was, I threw open my heart to at least understanding myself if not the whole of the situation. It took many months of study, growth, maturity and prayer to gain full understanding of all that I learned (and I’m learning still). In addition to other things, God used your gifts and materials to teach me. Your ebook “keep your marriage” as well as your news letters and relationship advice tips have been paramount to the person I’ve become. I’m happy to tell you that there is much fruit. My marriage of 19 years was ultimately not to be but still I recognize the contribution you make to folks who are really hurting and willing to open themselves up to wisdom. The things I learned from you really impact every relationship I have. You offer true value so keep up the great work. Having put into practice the things you teach, gaining personal understanding and experiencing the rewards of healthy, happy relationships, I am a testimony to your practice. Thank you again.”

Husband Had a Midlife Crisis

“…Last year my husband was going through a mid life crisis coupled with my own problems. I had put on a lot of weight & was suffering depression. My husband went back to University & a girl flirted with him to get him to help her with her assignments & he became infatuated, so… he told me he didn’t love me any more & ended our marriage. He told me he still cared for me as a person & I convinced him not to leave our home until our house was sold. Then with the help of your book I changed myself, I have lost 25kgs & I followed all your advice. With marriage counseling & some hypnotherapy we have both changed & fell in love again, & this time it is better because I for one will never become complacent again. He is embarrassed about the way he was taken in by the girl, but understands that he was ripe for the picking at the time. We went away on Valentines day for a week to the place where we had our honeymoon. On Valentines day he told me he loved me & we had the most wonderful 2nd honeymoon. I want to thank you so much for your book, you helped me understand so many things & we are happier than we have ever been. Gratefully yours.”

Mad at Husband

“My husband and I had a brief separation but the effect of the distance was devastating to me. I had great difficulty dealing with not only my anger at him but the emptiness in the house. As you point out in your book, marriage difficulties are a two way street. I read your on-line book. Devoured it is a better word. I took your thoughtful passages and wrote down my favorites and put them in my purse so that I could look at them when I needed some clarity. I used the anger management and communication techniques when my husband and I met last night. We talked for 6 hours and began to understand more about each other. “I have hope for my marriage and I am taking responsibility for my behavior” was very helpful…We are back on the road to recovery in our relationship. He has agreed to go to counseling which I am very hopeful will bring clarity to us both. Our separation has ended. Thank you so much for your book. Like preparing for any important event, business presentation, etc, I used your book to study, inwardly reflect, and to provide me with the words to say when my own would have been filled with anger and frustration. Thank you Thank you!!”

Married 16 Years

“I know this is probably an automated e mail box, but I just wanted to say that Nancy, you have been a Godsend to me. I thought my marriage of almost 16 years was dead and after downloading your e book, “What to do when your spouse says ‘I don’t love you any more’, I read it completely through and saw all the faults that contributed to our problems. I have since made the commitment to change behaviours, grooming, exercise and most importantly communication. My wife has noticed and I am sure she still might be somewhat skeptical, but we are now communicating better, emotionally more open, and I can even see a change in the way the children have been reacting. I was skeptical that an e book would ever be able to help, but your “book” was so condensed and packed with useful information that that it made an immediate impact on me after reading. Your outlines are so simple, and I’m the type that needs a brick over the head to catch on to something. If I had known these techniques 15 years ago, I’d never be in this predicament. You might want to consider a book for newlyweds, as a large portion of society has gone through rough times after marriage and did not know how to properly gauge their partners ever evolving states. Once again…Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!!!!!!!!”

“I Was Crushed”

“…Almost two years ago, I was shocked when my husband said he loved me, but wasn’t in love with me and left…I was beyond crushed. Wanting to fix things ASAP, I started reading all sorts of books. Books about mid-life crisis & all of those “win your man back” books. I did take bits of advice from the others, but your book became my Bible. A dear friend of mine was going through a similar situation. I urged her to get your book as well. We would affectionately refer to “The 21” when supporting each other. We would read to each other through tears. All during this time, things with my husband went back & forth. He filed & then withdrew a petition for divorce…He told me he was done on numerous occasions, but we always maintained some sort of a connection… even if not the strong marriage I so longed for. A month ago he asked me if he could come home. I was shocked & frightened. After having my hopes up so many other times, was this finally it? How could I let him come home & chance him hurting our children a second time by leaving again? He told me I was the strongest person he had ever known & that he sees me differently now. That day was the first of many deep conversations. I’ve learned to really listen to him without being defensive. Even though some of what he says is painful, it feels so good to have him open up to me. I’ve also learned to communicate with him in a way that he really listens to me too. He came home last week & we are in therapy together….. therapy that he arranged!! I will continue to use the tools I learned in your book, always. I will never again lose my identity just because I am a wife & mother. “Finding myself” will now enable me to be a better wife, mother, friend, daughter, PERSON! There were some very dark days during this process. Just as you advised… I didn’t give into despair. I always tried to keep my dignity & not do anything I would later regret. Some days, my dignity was all that I had. I would pick the book up again & again…. with a highlighter LOL! I also learned that if I made a mistake, I could always try again tomorrow. My husband and I have a lot of work ahead, but we are on the right track… more importantly, we are on the same track. Thank you so much Nancy!!!!!!! So many people give up & get divorced because they are unwilling or ill equipped to repair their marriage…Now we are planning our future, making changes for the better & learning how to let go of the pain from our past. We are happy & in love! With deep gratitude.”

“We’re Back Together”

“Thank you so much!! I have already recommended you to several other people going through the same situation with totally different circumstances and I’ve only had your book for a week. I guess the main thing that has me so thrilled is, might sound strange not having had enough time pass to know where our marriage is going, is that I literally got your book about a week ago, 3 weeks too late but I had just done about 18 of the 21 things you said not to do and her reaction to them was EXACT, she walked right out the door!! After reading your book, I might just as well ran her out of the house with a shot gun!! Seriously, I was trying so hard but was doing everything so wrong… Well, I prayed and prayed after she left that morning “God, please, please help me find something that can help me understand this. I have so many Christian family members that want to help, I’ve put EVERYTHING I can think of at your feet, she is being cooperative for the most part but I just don’t know what to do”. Well a few minutes later I thought, I’ll get on the internet and see what I can find, googled “Christian, marriage, separation”. First thing that popped up was your book, my immediate reaction was, I don’t want a book that takes too long and then I saw the title, that REALLY caught my eye “when she says she doesn’t love you”. Ended up reading on your website, bought the book, read it over the next few days and have since turned myself around as much as can be expected in 4 days. The main thing I got from your book, along with millions of other things, was an answer to where I go with what I’ve got right now… Well, it’s a start to a long recovery road but when it works out, which I am 100% dedicated to it doing, you will be the first to know. May God bless you and your husband and Thank you again.”

“I Was Skeptical”

“I downloaded your ebook yesterday & loved it! I’m not sure if the marriage can be saved, but your insights are great & helpful whether we ultimately end up together or not. I figured an investment of 15 years was worth the price of an ebook, but I was a little skeptical–c’mon, the internet! But I really learned a lot.”

“My Marriage Was Saved!”

“Your website and information have been incredibly helpful to me…and we did save our marriage! Thank you for your help…. You are doing a great thing…keeping marriages together is a wonderful cause…and makes adults happy…and children ecstatic! Keeping families together is a wonderful thing…all good wishes and thank you.”

Headed for Divorce

“I just want to extend a huge “thank you” out to you for your insight. I read your book in a day because I was in a place that needed some answers. I found the answers to questions I hadn’t even asked, unbelievable. Long story short, I have been married more than 20 years. After thinking if I ever lost the girl of my dreams I would die, I found out I won’t after reading your book. Seems simple I know, but until you have the courage to really feel it will be ok, the pressure is on. That pressure unbeknownst to me, made me smother my wife (figuratively of course) and her love for me. Your insight enabled me to face head on what I contributed to our marital issues and what I can do to change them. I was able to put my thoughts down on paper in a letter to my wife that has turned a marriage headed for divorce into a marriage that has a chance to get back to where it once was or at least close to it. I am now in a win, win situation knowing my marriage is getting back on track and if for some reason it doesn’t, I will still be ok.”

In Marriage Crisis

“Really, I’ve found your newsletter and book a great springboard not only to a better marriage but to a better life all around. I actually now feel grateful and lucky to have experienced a “crisis” in my marriage. It was a flashlight in a dark passage. A gift…. At the time of the crisis, I searched on the Internet and found your newsletter. I bought and read your book over and over. Even though I was really, really bad at doing what you suggested in the book, at first, over time it became easier…. I learned from you and lots of counseling to be more alive and positive in my own life and marriage. To really take care of myself…The marriage is still challenging occasionally, but now I know I’ll be okay no matter what… So thanks for being there for me through your wonderful newsletter and book.”

“Our Marriage Was Under Attack”

“Just a quick note to thank you guys again for your support and encouragement through out the last few years…. As you may already know our marriage had been under attack, from the minute we got married, with deaths in the family, financial instability, job losses, and all sorts of testing situations, but accidentally coming across your website a few years back was to be a turning point. This April…we will have been married for 7 Years, praise God. May God continue to shower you with words of wisdom to feed marriages around the world especially at such a time when marriage and good Christian values are under fierce attack. We thank God for your encouragement right through these past years. Thank you, and thank you again.”

“I Was Worried and Angry”

“Having been through a year of my wife’s midlife crisis, I’ve experienced a full range of negative emotions from worried to scared to insecure to resentful and angry. I quickly scanned your book and got to the 21 marriage busters. I’m guilty of almost every one of them. I didn’t realize I was throwing gasoline on the fire and pushing her further away. By acting this way, I was also making myself sink deeper into a state of depression and anxiety, guaranteeing that I’m not a person anyone would want to build a life with. It continued to snowball for about a year. Maybe instinctively, I started to turn things around a few months ago and reading through the 21 marriage busters has energized me and affirmed what I thought I was doing to contribute to the decline. I appreciate the clarity and direction and I’m hopeful her heart will find its way back to me. Thank you for a great resource on marriage.”

“We Have Turned the Corner”

“Hi Nancy, thank you so much for your info I am now back with my wife and every thing is going great we are enjoying a new found relationship and love its fantastic words cant express my joy for my wife nor hers for me its amazing we both come through a lot in the past 10 months but wow we have turned the corner and its great thanks once again.”

Going Through Hard Times

“Nancy, I just wanted to let you know, that even though I was not able to save my marriage your book helped me to understand and get through some hard times. I am still going through hard times, but I know I am going to be just fine on my own and your book has helped me realize that. When I bought the book online I was worried that I was wasting my money because I thought it would be the same things that I had already read and heard. When I started reading it I realized that it was very helpful and gave me some very insightful information about some things I was doing wrong that I didn’t even realize were the wrong things. I have come to the realization with the help of your book that I have done everything in my control to try and save my marriage and that is all I can do. I leave my marriage knowing that I gave everything I had to it and tried everything possible to save it. I have learned that in the end if your spouse is not willing to save the marriage at all, there is no way to change that. You can not make them change their mind about saving the marriage it has to be their own decision. So even though I was not able to save my marriage I just wanted to thank you for your book. It was very helpful and showed me everything I could possibly do to try and save my marriage. Thank you.”

Wife Has Divorce Papers Ready

“I just wanted to thank you and Lee for this fantastic book. I have read about half of it… It has already opened my eyes and no matter what happens, made me a better person. I just hope it’s not too late as I’ve been away for 7 months now and she has the divorce papers ready for me to fill out. I wish that I would’ve found these books earlier as I know it would’ve drastically increased my chances. I was paralyzed, kind of playing the victim, and did not know what to do so I did nothing. Well, like you said, only control what you can control. The past cannot be changed. Thank you again, I am so glad I purchased this book!”

“I Broke Down”

“My eight weeks of advice was over two weeks ago. Yet it is still amazing how many tips I go back to check on. I appreciate your program so very much. Through your guidance and God’s peaceful love inside of me, I have “seen” so many things I needed to change and have changed them. I have got rid of (absolutely got rid of) the marriage busters. I resolved to be “okay” no matter where this took me. I looked for the little prizes that God showed me that I was on the right track. I took great care of myself. Guess what? My husband and I have talked (you know, the heart to heart talk) twice since I started this program. This was due to the fact that he had seen such a positive change in me. So you are so right about how “no situation is hopeless if at least one partner is willing to do whatever it takes to preserve the marriage”! On our first talk, he expressed that he was confused. On our second talk, he expressed that he already made appointment to see a counselor. That one totally took my breath away… You see Lee and Nancy…when I broke down in a million little pieces, I did not know if we would even had a chance. Now, it looks really good…your ebook alone guided me so well and helped me see so many things. I am forever thankful for your services. I am extemely grateful that I have found you when my marriage is crumbling. You have saved me, us. I am good for now because of your advise…. God bless you.”

“My Marriage Crashed”

“I have been reading and following your advise since 2006 when my marriage crashed. We have survived but not without a lot of work and you were my mentor all the way through. I have passed along your web pages too many times to count (hope it has helped those that I did). Keep up the great work.”

“I Was Devastated”

“A year ago, I discovered that my beloved husband was having an affair. I was devastated, but immediately decided to fight for him, as there were reasons for his feeling taken for granted, even forgotten. This is my second marriage, his first. I found your website and started receiving your emails, and eventually purchased “Keep Your Marriage”. Since then I have been so encouraged to keep trying with my marriage and, yes, things are getting much better: very different in many ways, but better. The affair was partly due to a classic male midlife crisis, and finished after a brief period of deception. I did not ridicule my husbands feelings for the other woman – briefly she provided him with the attention he craved and was not getting from me. I have accepted the fact that the relationship has to change and move on, and I am mainly able to do that… I have read your advice which has been and still is, inspiring. Please keep sending the emails. Marriage recovery is a long (and sometimes expensive!) process, but I know it will be worth it. I believe we do have a future – and I think my husband does too. Two weeks ago we celebrated, yes celebrated, our 17th wedding anniversary. We laugh a lot and enjoy spending time together, home and away. THANK YOU NANCY AND LEE and continued happiness in your own marriage.”