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Dear Friend,

Are you trying to save your troubled marriage? If so, I’m honored to have you on this page.

Because for over twenty years, I’ve helped individuals like you and couples who need timely answers and advice to their most pressing marriage problems.

Are you facing any of these familiar Marriage Problems?

Your spouse:

  • is having an affair,
  • has told you “I don’t love you anymore,”
  • isn’t sure romantic feelings can return,
  • has mentioned divorce or separation,
  • has already moved out,
  • doesn’t communicate,
  • doesn’t want or seem to enjoy sex, or
  • isn’t interested in couples marriage coaching/counseling.

Your marriage may have lost its intimacy and connection—both emotional and sexual.

Or there may be too much fighting and too many unresolved issues. The result is a marriage that isn’t satisfying and brings you pain instead of joy. It may also bring overwhelming stress, discouragement, and confusion.

All you may need is the right guidance.

I’m available to consult with you by phone.

From years of experience, I know it can help tremendously to get feedback and recommendations from someone who knows what you are going through and what has worked for other spouses just like you.

When something as important as your marriage is on the line, it just makes good sense to use all your available resources. You’re only losing opportunities if you’re paralyzed by fear and anxiety over what to do—or if you’re stuck and have lost direction and momentum.

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What is a Marriage Coach
and Why Do You Need One?

It’s hard to see clearly when you’re the one intimately involved in an emotional, heart-wrenching marital situation. Why? Because you’re just too close to what’s happening to be able to be objective.

That’s when it’s helpful to have useful advice from an experienced marriage coach. As a relationship expert, I can offer you an objective perspective on what’s happening and share with you what has worked for other spouses in a similar situation. That’s where my more than twenty years of relationship coaching experience will help.

In a coaching session, you may share pertinent past history with me, but we won’t stay stuck there. The focus will be on the present and coming up with an effective, action-based plan for now and the immediate future.

I’ll provide you with encouragement, support, and specific tactics to enable you to bring renewed energy and direction back into your marriage. It’s difficult to maintain stamina and consistency when you’re carrying such a heavy load of problems all by yourself.

When you have a marriage coach, you have someone else on your side to help you cope and plan what to do. Plus, it’s easier to gain positive momentum when you have assistance and support. This can provide incredible relief when you’re feeling anxious, isolated, all alone, and despairing.

How Do Telephone Coaching Sessions Work?

Nancy Wasson, Ph.D.

It’s easy to consult with me by telephone. I talk to many clients from other countries—the U.K., Australia, Europe, and others—as well as from coast-to-coast in the U.S. and Canada.

Many people choose to talk to me because they don’t want to be seen in their hometown coming out of a marriage counselor’s office. They feel safe and anonymous talking with me.

Others simply like the ease of speaking to me on the phone from the convenience of their home or office (or car) without having to drive somewhere.

Phone coaching sessions are easy to set up. They are scheduled ahead of time by email.

Once you purchase the coaching time, you will receive an email asking you to send me your time zone and several options of dates and times that you are available for the session. Then, I’ll send you an email confirming the appointment date/time and giving the phone number for you to call.

You can feel comforted that help is just a telephone call away. Your marriage is a precious treasure, but you have to be proactive to keep it.

Here’s Your Guarantee

Can I really help you? I’ve helped countless others.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what one client said: “Your advice over the phone was an eye-opener and a relief. Now I have a game plan for what to do next and that gives me more confidence than I had before. Thanks for your encouragement and help.”

Of course, I can’t guarantee that your marriage can be saved—no one can seriously make that promise without knowing your situation.

But I can guarantee you that I’ll give you my honest perspective on your marital situation. And I’ll also provide specific recommendations and marriage-saving strategies, based on my many years of experience. I’ll help you prioritize what to focus on and develop a plan of action so you can get moving in a constructive direction.

Click here to get marriage coaching.

Look at the options below and see which one best fits your needs.

Once you start taking constructive action and get moving, you’ll set in motion a momentum that makes it easier and easier for you to take action to help yourself and your marriage.

I’ll look forward to talking with you and exploring what’s possible in your marriage.

Because I know first-hand the pain of divorce, I have a strong commitment and passion to help you avoid it.

With All Best Wishes,

Nancy Wasson, Ph.D.

Nancy Wasson, Ph.D.

P.S. I can work with you individually or with both you and your spouse, depending on the situation. Write to me at if you have any questions about the telephone coaching.

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Marriage Coaching on the Phone

Once you purchase the coaching time, you will receive an email asking you to send me your time zone and several options of dates and times that you are available for the session. Then, I’ll send you an email confirming the appointment date/time and giving the phone number for you to call.

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