My wife Nancy and I are always on the lookout for inspiration, especially as it relates to relationship and how spouses can inspire each other to a higher level of love in their marriage.

One of the better resources for married couples interested in a healthy relationship is, the site of Ian and Meg Lawton.

This was on their front page yesterday:

Affirming YOUR life on Tue July 16, 2013

Your thoughts are valid and important, but they are not the only valid thoughts and they aren’t the whole truth.

Embrace the Copernican revolution of truth- your truth is not at the center of the universe with all other truth circling around you.

Listen to others with humility. Build on your half truth. Check to make sure that you have the right half.

Say to yourself: I am open to learning from others. My mind expands gratefully with new thoughts.


Think of what a different place the world would be if more people had this philosophy.

— Lee Hefner